Monday, July 30, 2012's part of who I am...

I've never known a life without mother was a great swim teacher when I was a kid...I spent my life at the pool and didn't realize not everyone spent allday, everyday during the summer at the pool.

My kids weren't given an theory, sink or swim! They were all on swimteam and we spent allday, everyday of their summer vacation at the pool.

I taught swimming when I was a teenager.
I worked at the pool in Auburn when we lived there.

After we moved to Tennessee in 1986, Hannah, my youngest child started swimming year round. That required daily trips to the University of Tennessee Aquatic Center for many years.

  I had the opportunity to resume my swim teaching at Fort Sanders Health & Fitness Center, and worked my way into the Aquatic Director job.

This summer has thrown me right back into the swim team world and I forgot how much I've missed it. Of course my positive reaction is mainly due to the fact that it is my Granddaughter that joined a summer swim team. This was her first year and there were many victories!!! She didn't win any races, but she won in a big way...she LOVED it!! She was determined and worked very hard...I'm sure it wasn't easy because we were all trying to coach her....many times I had to catch myself from over coaching...but boy was it see a child smiling while she's swimming just makes my heart leap! That little stinker just surprised us all.

Can't wait til next year!!!!