Monday, August 8, 2011


I have been in California for twelve days....tomorrow I head home. I struggled leaving my husband for so long...tomorrow I will struggle with leaving my daughter and her husband. I love it out here...yes, there is more traffic than I have ever seen...the land is brown and dry...on the other hand, the Pacific is breath is so powerful, rough, deep and exciting. This little town of Oceanside is has gotten a bad rap in the past, lots of testosterone with all these young Marines walking around in their spare time...but, there is new construction all around, new businesses and the tourist just keep piling in. Surfers are everywhere and I wish that I had had the opportunity to be a surfer in my younger years. The food options are great, lots of really healthy options with all the regular greasy options too. I feel free air conditioned, closed up houses...temps in upper 70's and nice and cool at night....perfect! I can walk to the beach, 1 block, and to the grocery store, many restaurants, the movie theater and coldstone creamery. But most of all, I love the quality time I spend with Hannah...she is and always has been very, I will deal with the's worth it.