Monday, July 30, 2012's part of who I am...

I've never known a life without mother was a great swim teacher when I was a kid...I spent my life at the pool and didn't realize not everyone spent allday, everyday during the summer at the pool.

My kids weren't given an theory, sink or swim! They were all on swimteam and we spent allday, everyday of their summer vacation at the pool.

I taught swimming when I was a teenager.
I worked at the pool in Auburn when we lived there.

After we moved to Tennessee in 1986, Hannah, my youngest child started swimming year round. That required daily trips to the University of Tennessee Aquatic Center for many years.

  I had the opportunity to resume my swim teaching at Fort Sanders Health & Fitness Center, and worked my way into the Aquatic Director job.

This summer has thrown me right back into the swim team world and I forgot how much I've missed it. Of course my positive reaction is mainly due to the fact that it is my Granddaughter that joined a summer swim team. This was her first year and there were many victories!!! She didn't win any races, but she won in a big way...she LOVED it!! She was determined and worked very hard...I'm sure it wasn't easy because we were all trying to coach her....many times I had to catch myself from over coaching...but boy was it see a child smiling while she's swimming just makes my heart leap! That little stinker just surprised us all.

Can't wait til next year!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Two weeks ago I had the greatest week....I drove to Atlanta and picked up my friend Candy who flew in from Louisiana. Candy and I have ben friends since 1985, we have been through happy and sad times together but we have always gotten along and had fun together. My childhood friend, Lydia, still lives in Savannah, so off we went to the most romantic city on earth! Candy had never been to Savannah so it was an exciting time for her and it was exciting for me to reconnect with a city I dream of often. My parents got jobs in North Georgia and moved me there when I was 13....I've never really gotten over it and yes, I'm still bitter!

It was great introducing my friend of 50 years with my BFF . Lydia took a day off work and we had a great much history there...and, so much personal history. I spent as much time as possible there every summer of my teen years....Lydia and I were able to remember things that made us both laugh...each remembering stuff the other didn' was a week totally directed by GOD...many private life happenings was a week that was definitely meant to be.

I am grateful to have these two women in my life...I love you both!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Family Mule

My best friend lives in Louisiana...we met over 25 years ago and have remained friends through many of life's difficulties. Over the past  years she has had breast cancer, a divorce, lost her mother and this past Tuesday morning her dad, Mr. Buck, passed away in her home. Candy had been caring for Mr. Buck for the past two years. She moved him in with her. They were quite a team. I had the priviledge to spend about ten days with them last Spring. It was the first time I really got to spend any time with Mr. Buck...instant love...this man was full of (excuse the expression, but none other will do) piss and vinegar. Because of the pain in his back, he was unable to sleep much...since he went down about 8 every night, by 5 a.m. he was ready for bacon and egss...every morning..they fussed and carried on but I had the priviledge to watch a father and daughter share life together in a way neither of them wanted, but both reconciled to. Candy had to be his nurse, his confidant, his cook, his housekeeper and most importantly his friend. She is my hero...he was so funny, I laughed til I cried at most of his stories. Most of the stories had a tender moment which revolved around Miss Gloria, his beautiful wife who  passed a couple of years ago. Just a couple of highlights from his stories, you won't understand, but I have to mention Mingo! unfortunately Mingo would get ahold of Mr. Buck and make him miserable...a few times Mingo has made his way to Tennessee and gotten ahold of me. Then there's the family mule story...he told me one day that every family had a know, the one that ends up doing what none of the others in the family will do, the one that just jumps in and takes care of things....well, Candy is the mule in her family...Candy told me that just last week she was trying to either lift Mr. Buck or move him and she just couldn't do it...Mr. Buck said, "The mule has dropped the plow!"....Mr. Buck, I love make me happy, thinking of you makes me smile...I'm so sorry you had to suffer...BUT...I know who is holding the plow now, and you never have worry about HIM dropping it! Rest in Peace Mr. Buck and keep it in the fairway!

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Today Was my 4th "Family Zumba" class with my two granddaughters and their Mommy. It has been years since I've taken any sort of exercise class where a little dancing is involved. What sets this class apart from all adult classes is the freedom I feel...nobody cares in this class if you can master the steps, or keep up..the kids are all doing their thing and the moms and grand moms are doing our 's so liberating. I know for certain that I am getting way more out of it physically than the little ones, the turns and jumps are almost too much but I just keep shaking it...the best part, we are setting a good example for these little girls and showing them that exercise can be lots of fun.

Friday, January 6, 2012

What makes Honey Happy

*knowing that GOD loves me
*having a Godly husband
*my kids
*My GRANDKIDS - and yes, they are GRAND
*Golf (wish I hadn't waited until I was 60 to start playing, I think I would have been awesome!)
*Girlfriends - couldn't imagine my life without them
*Freedom from worry and stress - well, I am sure when this happens it will make me happy!
*the ocean - doesn't matter where, as long as I am with my friends and family
*my church - it is for sure one of my Happy Places
*Sunshine - gotta have those windows and blinds, fresh air and sunshine
*Watching Hannah and Jeff surf - well, pretty much just watching Hannah and Jeff do anything
*My recliner - I often joke that I am going to have "Lazy Boy" tattooed across my backside
*My morning coffee
*My IPad
*Words with Friends
*Creating - don't feel the need often, but when I do, look out Hobby Lobby!
*newborn baby - can never get over what a miracle they are and I want to hold every baby I see
*Dr. Schrock - love him
*Precept Bible Study - has changed my life, makes me real happy to be in GOD's word discovering truth
*boiled peanuts
* those bloggers that fascinate me, Edie Wadsworth @lifeingrace, Kelly Stamps
@kellyskorner, Susie Jane @asouthernmothersdaughter, Heather Baird @ Sprinklebakes, Jane Anne Owen @gravityofmotion & owenhome,  and many more
*turquoise and coral - such a pretty color combination, really drawn to it lately