Sunday, March 21, 2010

Special Times with Granddaddy

Saturday was our 34th wedding anniversary...the first day of Spring...that is our day. This year, we were joined by our Son and Daughter-in-law and their two little girls in the mountains for an evening of fun and then a wonderful hike up the Tremont Trail on Saturday. As I watched the interaction between the little girls and their Granddaddy, I thanked GOD that these two precious little gifts were experiencing joys and delights that I never had....I hope that they remember some of these times when they are older we we have made our way home to heaven...It was really hard to tell who was having the most fun but I was smiling inside and see my best friend with his little Granddaughters wrapped around his neck, or building a dam in the creek, or running for goodness sake up the mountain, made for one of our best anniversaries ever. To love someone as deeply as I love him is a true gift from GOD!