Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Family Mule

My best friend lives in Louisiana...we met over 25 years ago and have remained friends through many of life's difficulties. Over the past  years she has had breast cancer, a divorce, lost her mother and this past Tuesday morning her dad, Mr. Buck, passed away in her home. Candy had been caring for Mr. Buck for the past two years. She moved him in with her. They were quite a team. I had the priviledge to spend about ten days with them last Spring. It was the first time I really got to spend any time with Mr. Buck...instant love...this man was full of (excuse the expression, but none other will do) piss and vinegar. Because of the pain in his back, he was unable to sleep much...since he went down about 8 every night, by 5 a.m. he was ready for bacon and egss...every morning..they fussed and carried on but I had the priviledge to watch a father and daughter share life together in a way neither of them wanted, but both reconciled to. Candy had to be his nurse, his confidant, his cook, his housekeeper and most importantly his friend. She is my hero...he was so funny, I laughed til I cried at most of his stories. Most of the stories had a tender moment which revolved around Miss Gloria, his beautiful wife who  passed a couple of years ago. Just a couple of highlights from his stories, you won't understand, but I have to mention Mingo! unfortunately Mingo would get ahold of Mr. Buck and make him miserable...a few times Mingo has made his way to Tennessee and gotten ahold of me. Then there's the family mule story...he told me one day that every family had a know, the one that ends up doing what none of the others in the family will do, the one that just jumps in and takes care of things....well, Candy is the mule in her family...Candy told me that just last week she was trying to either lift Mr. Buck or move him and she just couldn't do it...Mr. Buck said, "The mule has dropped the plow!"....Mr. Buck, I love make me happy, thinking of you makes me smile...I'm so sorry you had to suffer...BUT...I know who is holding the plow now, and you never have worry about HIM dropping it! Rest in Peace Mr. Buck and keep it in the fairway!