Friday, April 17, 2009

Exciting Things Happening in My Life

I can't let this last few days go by without screaming at the top of my lungs how happy I am to finally see the old me coming back. I've had a crazy five years of medical issues, one after the other not to mention menopause as an exclamtion mark. It's been wacky...more prescription drugs than you can imagine...poison in some case...My brain has been fighting me, my emotions have been fighting me, my thought life has been put it bluntly, I've felt like poop!

I know, and I am so grateful for these last few years because it all could have ended four and a half years ago.

So here's what I'm excited about. A friend of mine who is a reistered nurse has gone to work with a Nurse Practioner. They opened a business that deals with women's issues.....all natural, no hormones...I decided I had to give it a shot even though financially this is the worst possible time for three weeks ago this past Tuesday I started my program after having my hormone levels checked....that was an interesting test, I had to spit in a little vial 5 times in one day....I tested estrogen dominate, low progesterone and wonder I hadn't slept in five hot flashes were off the least one an hour and at night they wake you, so I was awake every hour....The good news....three weeks into it I no longer am having hot flashes, I'm sleeping nine hours at night, real sleep, dreaming sleep, my mood is happy...yep, caught myself smiling for no reason today! Why I even mowed the lawn with a push mower....I'm so out of shape it hurt, but it felt so good to test myself and have the get up and go to at least try!

GOD is so good and I know that he led me to Ernie and Nan and I am so thankful to be feeling like myself again...When I went to Nan for my first appointment her first question was "Tell me How YOu Feel" reply was "I Hate Everybody" and I I'm lovin' life and those in my life!!!!