Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dental Nightmare!

I know, most trips to the dentist are nightmares....however, this is my Monday experience. Last Wednesday I had my teeth cleaning appointment...I was so happy to finally be making the last payment on my $300.00 mouthpiece that keeps me from grinding. So yesterday's appointment was to add some stuff to the bottom of my front two top teeth....one was chipped when I was in a coma and the other was very uneven and getting shorter from all the grinding....all was well, got the injection for pain with no problem....my dentist finished the job and showed me how much better my teeth looked and felt. Then the fun begins...the dentist had to hollow out the mouthpiece because my front two teeth are now longer...after she got it hollowed out she told her assistant to put some acrylic in it and then put it on my teeth to mold it so that it would be a tight fit....so the assistant proceeds....after she put the mouthpiece in my mouth she told me to bite down on it and stay that way...done....the dentist walked over, patted my shoulder. asked if I was o.k., which I was fine....then a few minutes later the dentist returns to remove the mouthpiece and smoothe it up a little....well, guess what....it was cemented onto my teeth....from eye tooth to eye tooth....no kidding....they went into full panic mode....they couldn't even get anything in between my teeth and that mouthpiece...for two hours they pried, chiseled, and
cut little sections at a time ....all I could do was think about that last payment I had just made on that mouthpiece that was being destroyed...and laugh of course....why not....couldn't move, couldn't talk, couldn't change the fact that I had a mouthpiece permanently stuck to my teeth!!!! The poor assistant was in tears...she made a mistake...my dentist and her partner were both trying to figure out what to do...it reallly was a mess....I had to listen to that drill sound for two hours with little chips of that mouthpiece flying through the air, down my throat and in my eyes....not to mention the dentist drill smell!!! So they finally got the silly thing off and now guess what???? they had to totally re-do what they had done to begin with including another shot !!!! and the worst part, new molds with that gunky stuff going down my throat...it was trully an adventure...I told them they were lucky that this happened now because if it had happened before my bio-identical hormones were working I might not have been so cool about the whole thing!!! During the past five years I have come to expect the unexpected in every situation and this didn't let me down....my good friend says I should write a book...this would be the Dental Chapter!!!