Monday, September 20, 2010


Those of you that know me, know how much I love football...all football...but especially University of Tennessee it's no surprise that getting the opportunity to be on the field during haltime of the U.T. vs. Florida game was a once in a lifetime opportunity and made me very happy.  I've dreamed of being down there, but in most of my dreams I was running it in for a touchdown!  I was so nervous, but once I got down there I felt very like it was meant to did I get down there you ask...well, it all started a couple of years ago when the opportunity arose to get our tickets upgraded to a new section that was under construction in the stadium.  CB surprised me with the seats last year...I love them so makes going to the games so much easier and so much more fun for me.  CB still misses all the tailgating...not me...we did that for so many years and it got expensive and boring.  These tickets will be passed down to our kids and their kids.  It was especially important to me that we share the occassion with Hub & Christy and the girls since they are a part of all of this.  Juliana wasn't there because the noise hurts her little ear tube ears.  Addi was there and I loved sharing that with her....I hope she remembers  it forever....I tried  to help her understand all that was going on and share my excitement with her....doesn't she just look like she belongs there...I was able to relax a little after we got back to our seats and even though we got the blankity blank beat out of us, it was a U.T./Fla. game I'll never forget.