Monday, June 28, 2010

Never Too Old To Learn...

Years ago I decided I wanted to learn to play my sweet Hubby bought me a set of clubs...I was all interruped that, five and a half years later, feeling better and ready to be active, I am pursuing that goal...well guess what....I LOVE IT!  We are trying to work on changing our lifestyle and golf is helping.  We have golfed every weekend at least once for the last month....I have never made it for 18 holes in one outing, but I am getting better....I can drive pretty husband says it's controlled violence and I agree...I've got lots to learn, but we aren't sitting in the recliner and watching golf, now we're giving it a shot.  I look forward to going to the driving range after the sun gets a little lower every afternoon and hitting a bucket of is quality time together as a couple and we each try to out putt the's so much fun.  Thanks to GOD for giving me this precious time.