Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Craft Blogging Is FUN!!!

I have begun to branch out in the blogging world and have found myself sitting here enjoying all of these new blogs...I even added a few I really like to my blog list. This is really fun....I see all kinds of crafty items I can't wait to soon as I get finished with this huge project I'm working on, I am gonna get busy. Take a look at a few of these...if you know of some great blogs that I'm not seeing, please let me know....this is great fun!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Busy Days....

After finally making it home from California...crazy two days in airports, I had a week to prepare for another week away to take care of my two grandsons. It was a crazy week filled with babysitting for the two young granddaughters and catching up on laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning house. Then it was off to Georgia....I had a great week swimming and playing every sport you can imagine and my prideful self sort of enjoyed the fact that the 4 year old granddaughter, that I took along with me, and my 7 year old grandson, both red-heads, were pulling me in crazy directions to get my was a power struggle for sure...but it was fun. I didn't get much sleep before I left and didn't get too much there either...however, it is kind of fun sleeping (or trying to) on a bunkbed again, just not 5 nights in a row! One day the two I just spoke of wanted to go to the store and wanted me to buy them everything they could think of....I tried to explain in kid terms that I was broke...the 7 year old told me I needed to get a job and then I could buy them stuff like the other Grandmother...oh well, out of the mouths of babes...It was a fun week and I hope to be able to do this every summer....but, I was very glad to get home to see my man and my bed!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Live from California

This blog is coming via Oceanside, California....the windows are open, the air temp is as usual, perfect and the beach is one block down the hill. We traveled to Lake Arrowhead this past Saturday to attend my husband's sister's wedding. I must admit, it was different. I've never been to a Godless wedding and it saddened me. The wedding was at the home of the grooms brother, a beautiful location. The officiate was a family friend of the groom who is a lawyer. No clergy at praying, no covenant before GOD, like I said, different. I pray that my s-i-l is happy... the groom seems like a nice guy...maybe we will have the chance to get to know him in the future....there was a dinner the night before for our side of the family to meet him, unfortunately I was sitting at the opposite end of the table and really had no conversation at all with the couple other than the initial greeting. Now, on to the good stuff!!! yesterday was a beach day and yes, I finally got to boogie board again....I love it....I love feeling those powerful waves beating me up and riding that board is a blast....I plan to go to the beach everyday that I am here and put that boogie board to good use. I am a little battered and worn-out's hard work doing battle with those waves. Hannah and Jeff both left around 6:30 this morning to go surf before work...that will put them getting home a little later but that's o.k.....this little area has everything I need within walking, I'm gonna get out and enjoy the luxury of being part of life in a small little surfing village....guess you could say everything here is groovey!

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4, 2009

FAmily Fun was the definition of this holiday weekend. Once again we traveled to the Edge home in Ringgold for a couple of days of fun, food and memory making. The kids, large and small, all had fun playing together, mostly in the pool....of course there was some horseplay and I must admit that my DIL, Beverly, was the queen of that....she pushed Chris in the pool to the surprise of all and it started the frenzy right before we were going to load-up to come home! Hannah & Jeff were in from California, so I was blessed to have all the kids and Grandkids in one spot for two whole really is what I dream of....GOD is so good! Enjoy the photos, they just tell the story better than words!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Fun with the Grandkids!

Last week was a week of summer fun with three of my four Grandkids....I felt guilty leaving number 4 behind, but she's little and it would have been hard to do what needed to be done and keep up with her and a good sleeping schedule for her. Addi and I went to spend the week with Chris, Beverly, Henley and Carter. We had lots of good conversation on the way to their house....Addi wanted to make sure I knew that she slept really, really, really close to her daddy every night...funny thing is, she slept all alone in her own bed everynight while we were on our little vacation. Henley and Carter are nothing but fun....they are so sweet, cute, smart and talented....they swim like fish and it rubbed off on Addi...she did way better than I expected and I didn't even have to get tough with her about it....we just had a great week. Carter and Addi played well together and Chris & Bev are great hosts. I think it is so important that these cousins are a part of each others lives....I hope they remain friends forever. I cherish every minute I get to spend with these kids....they are truly a gift and being here to spend this time with them is a gift...when I'm around my kids I sometimes have to step back and just thank GOD for such smart, sweet and loving kids. We are all looking forward to July 4th because Aunt Hannah and Uncle Jeff are flying in from California to spend the weekend at Chris and Bev's and we will swim and play allday! Another opportunity for those great family memories!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Rest of the Birthday Story!

As I said at the end of my birthday story, I would tell you more about that day in a month....well, it hasn't been a month but I can now tell you the the end of the beautiful luncheon, my friend Ruth brought me something she was hiding behind her was a pamper...yes, a diaper....I turned it over and on it was written, "Miami, December 2009"....yippeeee, Ruth is gonna be a MiMi for the 3rd made my day...I was so excited for all of them....I knew immediately what it meant...Eden is gonna be a big sister. Wasn't that a great surprise...a happy ending to an interesting b'day.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Tiny Dancer....part two!

Addi had her first performance on the "Big Stage" yesterday....she was a Munchkin...and she was precious!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Being Sifted....

The past two weeks have been extremely dificult for us....we are being know, like when you put all the dry ingredients in the sifter and sift until all the lumps are out and the flour is as smooth as silk. GOD is sifting us....He is getting out all the lumps and it hurts. The decisions and sacrifices of the past have caught up with us and GOD is forcing us to make changes. It hurts to see your spouse work so hard to provide for all and to dream so big and have those dreams taken away. It forces you to re-evaluate your forces you to live one day at a makes you focus on GOD's glory, and realize that HIS plan for us is not what we want, but what is best for us. It's easy to say that, but it's hard to accept and it's even harder to live through it. I'm mad....I'm disappointed...I'm baffled by the insensitivity of others....I have moments of lost faith....I'm realistic about what is going on and it ain't pretty ....I want revenge at times....I'd like to run away from all of this....but this is part of the sifting and wherever I go, however I feel, GOD will get the lumps out to make me more like HIM!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 2009...

Yesterday was our first real boat outing for this year. We were lucky enough to have Addi-Grace for the day. We decided to cruise to the Loudon dam and stay for Rockin' the Docks and the it was an allday afair for just the three of us. Granddaddy had a very painful shoulder but Addi kept him smiling. We had a great time....she was so tired she just laid down in the Captains seat and fell asleep about 5 p.m. - that was perfect timing....the fireworks started at 10 and she loved them...they were great....sitting in the middle of the lake with hundreds of other boaters was so much fun. We pulled in the marina a little after was another memory maker for the Browns..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

58th Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday....thank goodness for dear was not a good day for the Brown's, but a day I saw coming....I was hoping it would wait until today, however, my friend Ruth had a lovely luncheon for another friend with a May birthday and myself. We were treated to Ruth's incredible New Orleans cooking....she lived there 29 years and boy can she cook. Crab soup, a beautiful Shrimp Remoulade salad, appetizers with olive salad....and of course dessert! The best part was the fellowship. We spent a lovely afternoon caring and sharing. In another month I will tell you more about this day....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dental Nightmare!

I know, most trips to the dentist are nightmares....however, this is my Monday experience. Last Wednesday I had my teeth cleaning appointment...I was so happy to finally be making the last payment on my $300.00 mouthpiece that keeps me from grinding. So yesterday's appointment was to add some stuff to the bottom of my front two top was chipped when I was in a coma and the other was very uneven and getting shorter from all the grinding....all was well, got the injection for pain with no dentist finished the job and showed me how much better my teeth looked and felt. Then the fun begins...the dentist had to hollow out the mouthpiece because my front two teeth are now longer...after she got it hollowed out she told her assistant to put some acrylic in it and then put it on my teeth to mold it so that it would be a tight the assistant proceeds....after she put the mouthpiece in my mouth she told me to bite down on it and stay that way...done....the dentist walked over, patted my shoulder. asked if I was o.k., which I was fine....then a few minutes later the dentist returns to remove the mouthpiece and smoothe it up a little....well, guess was cemented onto my teeth....from eye tooth to eye kidding....they went into full panic mode....they couldn't even get anything in between my teeth and that mouthpiece...for two hours they pried, chiseled, and
cut little sections at a time ....all I could do was think about that last payment I had just made on that mouthpiece that was being destroyed...and laugh of course....why not....couldn't move, couldn't talk, couldn't change the fact that I had a mouthpiece permanently stuck to my teeth!!!! The poor assistant was in tears...she made a dentist and her partner were both trying to figure out what to reallly was a mess....I had to listen to that drill sound for two hours with little chips of that mouthpiece flying through the air, down my throat and in my eyes....not to mention the dentist drill smell!!! So they finally got the silly thing off and now guess what???? they had to totally re-do what they had done to begin with including another shot !!!! and the worst part, new molds with that gunky stuff going down my was trully an adventure...I told them they were lucky that this happened now because if it had happened before my bio-identical hormones were working I might not have been so cool about the whole thing!!! During the past five years I have come to expect the unexpected in every situation and this didn't let me good friend says I should write a book...this would be the Dental Chapter!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Eden Belle

Today was a great day .....first we had the priviledge of worshiping our LORD & SAVIOR...then this afternoon I was invited over to my dear friend Ruth's home to visit with her Daughter-in-love and her Granddaughter, Eden Belle. Eden and my second Granddaughter Juliana are only ten days apart in age....I was fortunate enough to share in the excitement of the pregnancy and birth of Eden. Eden is Ruth & Greg's first Grandchild...for 18 months I shared in every milestone through pictures and phone calls and I 'll tell you, I've loved this little girl since I heard that she was on her way....I've seen her only twice before....once when she was very small and then a brief ten second hug last needless to say I was excited about my time with her today....I wasn't the only one there, several other friends were there to visit. First off, Kay is a living doll and a great Daughter-in-law...she lights up a room the minute she walks in....Ruth knows how very blessed she is to have two incredible young women married to her sons. WEll, little Miss Eden was everything and more than I could have imagined....she has that infectious smile and the sweetest personality, she was fun to play with and was very polite...she's a girl after my heart, most of her vocabulary is food!!! I could have stayed allday....well, I almost did. Sharing in my friends joy of that little girl was awesome....the deep love Ruth has for that baby was apparent and the love that baby has for her MiMi melted my heart. How blessed we are to have the love of these little ones in our lives and how blessed am I to have a friend that shares her joy!! I love you Ruth!

Rainy Day with Addi & Granddaddy

Saturday was a wet and dreary day....the solution....spend the day with your 3 year old Granddaughter. We ran some errands and ended up in the toy section of target....imagine that. Granddaddy knew just what HE wanted...Lincoln Logs....they were a hit. He & Addi had a great time working together to build a log cabin and a fort. Then the three of us went to the marina to clean on our boat....Addi had a great time in the cabin, checking out everything and pretending....on the way home we had to stop for ice cream, it's just what you are suppossed to do on the way home from the boat....Addi & Granddaddy sat on the curb at the gas station and enjoyed their was a great day.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

Saturday we took a little road trip to Ringgold, Georgia to watch my Grandson, Carter, play baseball. I know he's ours, but he is so good....I would expect nothing less....his daddy was also a great little ball player. Carter is only seven years old and is playing on the Elite 8-9 year old team, shortstop no less. He's just got can tell by the way he moves that he is a natural. Very competitive, built just right for a baseball player and he's got the whole tongue thing going...I've heard that's hereditary....his daddy did that too...wish I knew more about my Dad, I would like to know where that comes from, I heard he was a great athlete. After the first game we went to Chris & Bev's and the kids got in some good early swimming. We had Addi with us and she had a big time....she jumped off the diving board for the first time....of course Granddaddy caught her before her head got wet....good thing he was in the water, I don't believe in that catching stuff....if you wanna jump in, you need to learn to come up, level off and swim to the side....can you tell I'm getting back into swim teacher mode!!! Maybe we'll have her swimming, real swimming, before this summer is over...until then I look forward to many more days of fun in the sun with family.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Sweet Juliana Day...

Yesterday was another Sweet Day with Juliana....I wish I could bottle-up some of the love and comfort she gives me on Thursdays....we snuggle and play and kiss and hug and rock...who doesn't love that...she even helped me dust! She'a a little doll....then came, I mean "Trouble" with a capital "T"....Addi-Grace herself....she headed straight to the freezer to her special supply of ice creams (it's a ploy by her Granddaddy to keep it full so she'll want to come see us!). She has a way about her that lights up our world....she is precious and if there ever was a little curly haired girl that fit the poem, "There was la little girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead....when she was good, she was very, very good, and when she was bad, she was horrid", it is Addi-Grace....she's a mess but oh gosh she's a cutie! and she is definitely my kind of girl!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Exciting Things Happening in My Life

I can't let this last few days go by without screaming at the top of my lungs how happy I am to finally see the old me coming back. I've had a crazy five years of medical issues, one after the other not to mention menopause as an exclamtion mark. It's been wacky...more prescription drugs than you can imagine...poison in some case...My brain has been fighting me, my emotions have been fighting me, my thought life has been put it bluntly, I've felt like poop!

I know, and I am so grateful for these last few years because it all could have ended four and a half years ago.

So here's what I'm excited about. A friend of mine who is a reistered nurse has gone to work with a Nurse Practioner. They opened a business that deals with women's issues.....all natural, no hormones...I decided I had to give it a shot even though financially this is the worst possible time for three weeks ago this past Tuesday I started my program after having my hormone levels checked....that was an interesting test, I had to spit in a little vial 5 times in one day....I tested estrogen dominate, low progesterone and wonder I hadn't slept in five hot flashes were off the least one an hour and at night they wake you, so I was awake every hour....The good news....three weeks into it I no longer am having hot flashes, I'm sleeping nine hours at night, real sleep, dreaming sleep, my mood is happy...yep, caught myself smiling for no reason today! Why I even mowed the lawn with a push mower....I'm so out of shape it hurt, but it felt so good to test myself and have the get up and go to at least try!

GOD is so good and I know that he led me to Ernie and Nan and I am so thankful to be feeling like myself again...When I went to Nan for my first appointment her first question was "Tell me How YOu Feel" reply was "I Hate Everybody" and I I'm lovin' life and those in my life!!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Juliana Day...

Thursday is the day I get to take care of Juliana for a few hours.....I took a few pictures this morning after I dressed her and I think she looks cute. I love her with a bow in her hair and after telling her not to take it out a few times, she finally left it alone. The apron is one I made her last week....I made Addi one to match....the next time we have them we will cook again..enjoy!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Got the Call

I got the call....well actually, the calls!! Ruth and I have been on the phone off and on allday...her daughter-in-love was induced this morning so Ruth has called with progress reports, well mostly lack of.
The baby was due last week....they finally decided to do a c-section and Mister Jordan Scott Geiger weighing in at 10 lbs. 1 oz. was born at 10:00 tonight! I am so happy for my dear friends....a baby is such a wonderful blessing and the promise of continuation of a family...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN SCOTT....can't wait to meet you!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fun in the Kitchen

Today was another fun-filled day with Addi Grace and Juliana. Addi Grace (she told me to start call her Addi Grace again like we used to instead of just Addi) baked and decorated some cookies while Juliana took her nap. Addi Grace had a great time in the kitchen and of course she looked adorable....she actually did a pretty good job....yes, there was enough icing on each cookie to make you gag, and she used all of the full bottle and half of another bottle! I will be sweeping up sprinkles for weeks I'm sure....but, that doesn't matter....the fun Granddaddy & I had watching her and the memories we made are priceless. I just happened to have my camera ready so you can see our little baker!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


My friends, Greg & Ruth, are waiting for the birth of their second Grandchild...a boy, name unknown. The baby is due this week, it is the first child for their son Philip and his wife Laura. This is such an exciting time for a family....and doesn't it just seem right to have a birth right now, this time of year, when the earth is springing forth with new growth and beauty. It is a fun and wonderful time for this family. Sharing a little of this happiness is one of the benefits of being a friend...can't wait to hear the excitement in Ruth's voice when she calls to give me the news!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009


We tried another kidnapping yesterday ....didn't have much success...we were beat out by two baby cows....oh well...we'll continue to try!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's a GOD thing!

March 20, 1976 was a very good day....on that day 33 years ago, I married the most handsome man on earth. Little did we know that that was just the first layer of love and thirty-three years later our love continues to build.

The GOD part....well, we met on the side of the really....Interstate 75, just south of the Georgia line! He was hungry....I was giving away free cokes and peanuts at the Georgia Welcome Center and here we are today. Who else but GOD could have put all of that together???

We struggled like all young couples....we moved away from all friends and family with a 7 year old, a one year old and a newborn. Those were the foundation building years. Moving away was the best thing that ever happened to us, being away from all outside influence made us learn to depend on each other.

We're at a very mature stage of love....we know each other's thoughts, our little looks that convey what we are thinking, a simple touch that says more than words ever is a special time for us.

So here's to us....Oh My Man I Love Him So!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Another Excellent Adventure with Granddaddy and Addi

Instead of leaving to chance a playdate with Addi, we decided to be in the parking lot of their church and kidnap her when she came out. Granddaddy had been on the road working for a week and he was desperate to see his little buddy. So we put our plan into motion and mission accomplished.
Addi & Granddaddy were off on a hike....they took their walking sticks, some water and a change of clothes for Addi just in case squatting in the woods didn't work out. Oh yea, they also took our dog "Boy". Up until yesterday, Addi was afraid of Boy only because he is a big dog and he threatened her by his size. So off they went...they returned about two and a half hours later with lots of treasures and stories....they knocked down dead trees with their walking sticks, they found a dead crawfish, they found shells, they threw sticks in the water for Boy to fetch, Addi did some swinging on a vine and fell off that vine, they found a big rock with a hole in it that was filled with water, Addi took her shoes off and walked around in the water, they had their drinks and just had a great experience....Granddaddy said he could tell that Addi was tired but he chose to let her tough it out and walk all the way back to the car. She really is a little trooper and had a great time. When they got home she was completely over her fear of Boy and even played in the yard with him. It makes my heart happy to know that Addi is making memories with her Granddaddy....he just glows when he sees her....he adores her and for that, I am very grateful.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Grandparent's Day

Yesterday I had the priviledge of attending "Grandparents DAy" at Brainard Baptist School in Chattanooga. My two Grandsons are students at this school....Carter is in first grade and Henley is in 4th. It was so wonderful seeing them march up to the stage an participate with their classmates in a patriotic program....singing songs, waving flags....the 4th graders prayed the LORD'S prayer in Spanish....that was so awesome. After the program the Grandparents visited the classrooms....I visited Henley's class was so much fun....Henley interviewed me with really cute quiestions and I got his attention when he asked what was my favorite thing to do when I was in school....answer, basketball & swimming! He is crazy about basketball and a very good player....remember his name, I think he'll play college ball one of these days and maybe end up being a coach like his dad. After the interview, Henley put on the cutest little visor with T.G. on it....tour guide....he proceeded to show me around his school and tell me all about it....I loved meeting his teachers and just seeing where he spends so much time. All of his teachers were very complimentory...he is one smart and athletic young man. Then it was time to switch and visit Carter's classroom. He is a little young for an interview, but we did do a word search together and then we filled out a form with what is different about us and what is the same...that was fun too! Then Carter wanted me to meet all of his teachers from last year and the year before....I was flattered....they all praised him and said they wish all of their students were as polite and obedient.

I was so proud of them and the job their parents are doing raising them....of course the minute I saw them I got all teary...when their dad was a little boy and participated in school activities, I always cried! When he was in high school I cried alot, not for the same sentimental reasons as when he was young!!!! It was a long drive but worth every mile and I feel very blessed to have two sweet, polite, smart and fun Grandsons....there is no doubt where the GRAND comes from!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Domestic Briefcase

Check out the adorable hand-stamped cards on Domestic Briefcase....she is so talented...those cards are adorable!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Craft Forward Craft Is Here

The Mail Lady just got here and my "Craft Forward" craft is here....I won on Miss Mandi Shandi's blog!!! How exciting...this was so much fun! She made me a darling pillow, which matches my decor perfectly and she made me this adorable card with a picture of me & my Grandbabies on it....thanks Mandi...keep up the good blogging....I'm loving it!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mardi Gras

Have you ever been to Mardi Gras...I know what you are thinking, and some of that is true...but all of Mardi Gras is not on Bourbon Street. I still don't understand all the Catholic stuff that this is all about, but it is fun and a little, well, alot, raunchy....
This was my fourth Mardi Gras. This one was a little the past I have always gone to New Orleans....but because my best friend and her husband divorced, and he got the apartment on Saint Charles used just for Mardi Gras, I spent this year in Baton Rouge watching the Spanish Town Parade. It is all about political satire and boy did they go after the "Stimulus Bill" in a big way.
What outsiders don't understand about Mardi Gras is how serious it is to the Catholic population in, Fat Tuesday which is Mardi Gras Day is a holiday....LSU even cancels classes!
In New Orleans, on Saint Charles, opposite side of town from Bourbon Street is what I call the family side of Mardi Gras. You've never seen anything like's a big huge tailgatge all the way down Saint Charles with every age from newborns to one foot in the grave folks. The young families all roll their ladders...yes, they put wheels on the end and they build little wooden seats on top and they roll these down to the street, set them up and when the parade starts the little kids sit in the little wooden boxes on top of the ladders....they yell at the people on the floats and they catch beads and toys and stuff. It's noisy and fun and you really get into going after those cheap little beads! I didn't care too much about the beads this year, I went for quality instead of quantity....I mainly took pictures because the satire was hilarious! I will try to post some of the pictures in a way that you can understand.
The most important part about my 2009 Mardi Gras adventure was the time I spent with my dear friend Candy....we've been friends for 23 years...she is my best friend....I love her dearly....she's had a rough few years but she is doing great! We celebrated Mardi Gras, Friendship and Life together.....I am blessed to have her as a friend and I thank GOD for her!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Just Couldn't Wait

I was going to try to wait to show pictures of my craft projects....but...the post office did their job in record time and Jennifer has already received hers and Mandi has already posted pictures of what we will are the pictures of the reversable aprons I made for the winners! So Mandi, the suspense is over, but I think you'll be excited to see the pictures....hope you both enjoy! they were made with love...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Craft Forward Winners

My Craft Forward winners need to be on the lookout next week....your surprise should arrive early week!! Hope you like...I sure had fun with this!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tiny Dancer

Our Tiny Dancer had open house at her ballet class yesterday. Granddaddy and I were honored to attend. Of course it goes without saying that she looked adorable in her tutu with those curls and that body. It was the usual three year old ballet stuff....not too formal (haha), just cute little motions to cute little songs. The little girls have done it so much they know it by heart, however, just because they know it doesn't mean they stay focused! Every now and then our Tiny Dancer would wander off and do her own thing which makes it much more entertaining. Near the end of the class, our Tiny Dancer's tutu sort of dropped below her little belly and that was too cute for can see that in one of the pictures. It was another family memory maker and Granddaddy & I loved it.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Granddaddy and Addi's Excellent Adventure!

The University Swim teams had a swim meet two weeks ago against the University of Georgia. Grandaddy is the official Starter for the University of Tennessee , and he's held this position since 1986. This was the last home meet for this season and Granddaddy decided to take Addi with him.

I could tell that Granddaddy wanted this to be a special day for just the two of them . However, I was a bit nervous about the whole situation. You see, Granddaddy just doesn't think about all the things that could go wrong with a three and a half year old and a huge body of water. He also doesn't watch her as closely as I would like....but, I kept my mouth shut (I know, hard to believe) and tried to support the plan with encouragement.

Granddaddy told me not to worry....yea he went, so excited to have this precious curly haired little ball of fire all to himself. About an hour after time for the meet to start, I get the first of many phone calls from the two of them...she was the star of the show....all the Time-ettes (the cute girls picked by the swimmers to be back-up timers and runners) loved her. Granddaddy said her feet hardly ever touched the ground....she was sitting in their laps and they were almost fighting over her. The University Photographer snapped some pictures of her . Addi had a great time jumping on the "big" trampoline with the divers. The Officials were treated to lunch and Addi reaped the and M & M's .

I really don't know who had the most fun....I do know that one proud 58 year old Granddaddy has not stopped talking about that day....he got to show off his Grandbaby to all his swimming world friends. I know Addi had fun....her daddy told us she slept in her swim cap the U.T. coach gave her. I'm thinking diving might be in her future.....she put a board on her bed one day this week and was pretending to dive off of it....but first things first.....we need to get her past the "don't like water in my face" stage....then we can make some progress toward her diving career!

These are the days that lifetime family memories are made......there is a special bond between Daddy's and their little girls....and I think the bond between Granddaddy's and their Granddaughters is extra special! I am so happy that they both had such a wonderful adventure and I'm so proud of Granddaddy for taking such good care of that precious little red-head!

Monday, February 2, 2009


One of my very first blogging friends Mandi, came up with this genius idea over on her blog Mandi Shandi. Basically, it is called Craft It Forward and here are the rules:
If you want to win a handmade ♥GIFT♥ from me, be one of the first 3 bloggers to leave a comment on this post, which entitles you to a handmade item from me. Winners must post this giveaway on your blog, meaning that you will {Craft it Forward} too, creating a handmade gift for the first three bloggers who leave a comment on YOUR post about this giveaway! The gift that you send can be any price range and you have 30 days to make and ship your item.

Doesn't this sound like fun....I've had my thinking cap on and have come up with a great idea....but you won't know until you receive it if you are a winner!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Letter is....

Mandi at Mandi Shandi's is playing a little game on her blog where you are provided a letter and you have to tell some facts about yourself that start with that letter. I was given the letter we go...

1. Immediately seeing the letter made me think of my daughter...her middle name is REID.

2. I love the color RED....especially when it 's red hair! I have two red-headed Grandkids.

3. I love to READ and study , mostly my Bible.

4. I am ROUND! need to lose some weight.

5. I am not Rich when it comes to money....but my life is RICH.

6. I was a good REBOUNDER in high school and lived for basketball.

7. My oldest son is a basketball coach at RIDGELAND High School.

8. I love to RIDE boogey boards in the Pacific Ocean.

9. I am a very conservative REPUBLICAN.

10. My heart RACES when my husband touches my hand!

If you want to play, let me know and we'll get you a letter too!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Movin' and Groovin"

It's gray and gloomy outside but my heart and believe it or not, my body, is sunshiney happy inside....I found on the internet's East Coast (they call it CArolina but I was raised in Savannah ,Georgia and we love it too) beach music!! What a blast to the past. When I was ten years old, my dear friend Lydia taught me how to "Shag"...we would dance for hours....I've always loved to dance...I'm listening to this music as I blog and I'm smilin''s so smooth and cool and I can just feel that sand in my toes....those warm balmy South Georgia nights....dreaming of our futures...or at least the next time we would sneek out of the house and do something really mischievious! I know it's hard to believe that I ever misbehaved, but boy oh boy did we have fun and make some lifelong memories. I moved to North Georgia when I was 10 years old...I spent half of every summer of my teenage years in Savannah. I cried many hours I missed that place and my friends and life so much...guess you have to live it to know what this music means to me... I wasn't even sure I remembered how to Shag...I have a non-dancing husband....isn't that how it works, I love dancing, he doesn't...I found a website, that has a free instructional video and I didn't miss a step...oh well, opposites attract...That was such an innocent time...we weren't worried about anything....just loving life....this music is in my heart, I love the mellowness of it, the sexiness of it and the memories of it! Have a little listen if you aren't familiar with it....and all you young girls, Teach your husbands how to Shag and have fun! "I'm a beach lovin' girl", are the words of the song playing right now.....sing it girl!!!!