Saturday, March 7, 2009

Grandparent's Day

Yesterday I had the priviledge of attending "Grandparents DAy" at Brainard Baptist School in Chattanooga. My two Grandsons are students at this school....Carter is in first grade and Henley is in 4th. It was so wonderful seeing them march up to the stage an participate with their classmates in a patriotic program....singing songs, waving flags....the 4th graders prayed the LORD'S prayer in Spanish....that was so awesome. After the program the Grandparents visited the classrooms....I visited Henley's class was so much fun....Henley interviewed me with really cute quiestions and I got his attention when he asked what was my favorite thing to do when I was in school....answer, basketball & swimming! He is crazy about basketball and a very good player....remember his name, I think he'll play college ball one of these days and maybe end up being a coach like his dad. After the interview, Henley put on the cutest little visor with T.G. on it....tour guide....he proceeded to show me around his school and tell me all about it....I loved meeting his teachers and just seeing where he spends so much time. All of his teachers were very complimentory...he is one smart and athletic young man. Then it was time to switch and visit Carter's classroom. He is a little young for an interview, but we did do a word search together and then we filled out a form with what is different about us and what is the same...that was fun too! Then Carter wanted me to meet all of his teachers from last year and the year before....I was flattered....they all praised him and said they wish all of their students were as polite and obedient.

I was so proud of them and the job their parents are doing raising them....of course the minute I saw them I got all teary...when their dad was a little boy and participated in school activities, I always cried! When he was in high school I cried alot, not for the same sentimental reasons as when he was young!!!! It was a long drive but worth every mile and I feel very blessed to have two sweet, polite, smart and fun Grandsons....there is no doubt where the GRAND comes from!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Domestic Briefcase

Check out the adorable hand-stamped cards on Domestic Briefcase....she is so talented...those cards are adorable!