Monday, July 20, 2009

Live from California

This blog is coming via Oceanside, California....the windows are open, the air temp is as usual, perfect and the beach is one block down the hill. We traveled to Lake Arrowhead this past Saturday to attend my husband's sister's wedding. I must admit, it was different. I've never been to a Godless wedding and it saddened me. The wedding was at the home of the grooms brother, a beautiful location. The officiate was a family friend of the groom who is a lawyer. No clergy at praying, no covenant before GOD, like I said, different. I pray that my s-i-l is happy... the groom seems like a nice guy...maybe we will have the chance to get to know him in the future....there was a dinner the night before for our side of the family to meet him, unfortunately I was sitting at the opposite end of the table and really had no conversation at all with the couple other than the initial greeting. Now, on to the good stuff!!! yesterday was a beach day and yes, I finally got to boogie board again....I love it....I love feeling those powerful waves beating me up and riding that board is a blast....I plan to go to the beach everyday that I am here and put that boogie board to good use. I am a little battered and worn-out's hard work doing battle with those waves. Hannah and Jeff both left around 6:30 this morning to go surf before work...that will put them getting home a little later but that's o.k.....this little area has everything I need within walking, I'm gonna get out and enjoy the luxury of being part of life in a small little surfing village....guess you could say everything here is groovey!