Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Fun!

Our celebration began on Christmas Eve at 4p.m. in church worshiping together and loving each other. During the service I was happily surprised when a 10 year old friend of mine walked onto the stage and sang the first stanza of "Away in a Manger". It was beautiful and I immediately teared-up! I've known her mom for about twelve years and we sit close to each other every Sunday in church. Could it get any better....oh yeah....I had the pleasure of sitting with my two little Granddaughters in church....a very special time I will never forget....Addi was squirmy but interested in what was going on....at times it was a bit like wrestling an alligator trying to keep her legs down, but I loved it. Juliana was busy and ended up in the foyer with her Granddaddy and then her Daddy.

Christmas day was different.... my husband and I spent the day alone and listened to some good Christmas music....I cooked....we ate and then we watched t.v.....on the 27th we loaded up Hub & Christy's car and headed south....we stopped in Signal Mountain to visit my husbands sister and his mother....then we headed to Georgia to visit my oldest son and his family. My youngest child, Hannah, had flown into Chattanooga on Christmas day to spend some quality time with her oldest brother and his wife and two sons....she loves them and couldn't wait and neither could they....on Christmas eve the 7 year old said he wanted to hurry and get to sleep...normal, however then he said, " so I can see Aunt Hannah faster! ".... no mention of the big fat man in the red suit! It was so great to see them all...it was busy ...ages 9,7,3,13months and all of the aldults....what fun...a little crazy at times but we all took the time to enjoy each other....the cousins played, opened gifts, ate and then went outside to play....we drove home in the dark and were all very tired but happy. Having Hannah at my house is always great....she and I have a wonderful relationship and we spend our time talking and just being together....she's just fun! On the 28th we were together again with Hub, Christy and the girls....Addi and Granddaddy took a hike, we played outside and Addi rode her plasma car with Aunt Hannah, Juliana rode her Tommy Turtle....we laid around playing and just enjoying each other. They came over again last night because it was Aunt Hannah's last night here. I took Hannah to the airport this morning and she is home in CAlifornia now....I will sure miss her but I cherish the time we had together.

Well, that's what we did for our Christmas celebration! CAn't wait for all of us to be together again making family memories!