Friday, January 14, 2011

Canvas Photos

Buying or creating Christmas gifts for grown children can sometimes be challenging...I love crafting for all but this year I have been out of sorts with crafting...we moved in October and this house is just not set up for crafting...I guess I could change that, but the crafting/creating bug just hasn't kicked in.  I had been looking at another blog back in the fall and had seen some incredible creative....not your normal set-up, posed pictures...unusual, inpromtu, life, one at a time, I started having them done...after the first one, the diving board, I fell in love with these....I have a whole folder now of our family snapshots titled canvas plan is to have all these snapshots turned into canvases and whenever I get my own home I am going to cover the walls with these memory makers...the bigger the better....I now look at all snapshots with a canvas making eye...I've even started telling my friends they should have canvases made of the photos they share with me ...sorry Ruth, but your G'kids are so gorgeous and you really should have a huge canvas done of just their eyes!!!  I saw on another blog a snapshot of the bloggers children from their knees down...a great canvas shot and I told her so!  So here are the canvases I had made...each family got the diving board shot and then the other two I had made for the little girls mom & dad and for me!  These are 16" x 20".  So get those cameras out and be creative....