Friday, February 8, 2008

Being Thankful

My original purpose for starting a blog was to have a place to list at least three things I'm Thankful for everyday....It is also to keep me from being whiney and make me be a little more focused on the good in my life. Of course I could say the same three things everyday, and I will start with those , so just know that I am incredibly thankful everyday for the following:

My sweet, handsome adorable and loving husband of almost 32 years who has put up with more than his share of me, especially over the past three years.

My oldest son and his precious wife and kids.....Chris has grown into a wonderful person, a great husband, a terrific father and after many difficulties between the two of us when he was in his teens, a loving , precious son.

My middle child, Hub and his family....Hub was nothing but trouble, in a good sense of the word, when he was a kid....always into something, always in the emergency room, and spoiled rotten by his dad, brother and me. Plus, he was the cutest kid in town and everytime we were out somebody from the newspaper took a picture of him and put it in the paper!

My sweet, precious Hannah. The third and last child, and the only girl and her husband Jeff. The two of them fit together like two parts of a puzzle....I find myself jealous of the life they free spirited and happy. Hannah seems to have that special something that lights up a room and definitely lights up her mom and dad's hearts.

My four gorgeous grandchildren, Henley, Carter, Addison and Juliana....they are definitely a gift! Trust me, there will be more to come about those 4.

Most of all I am Thankful to God....can you imagine knowing from the beginning that all of his creation would sin and he would have to send His Son to earth to be crucified on the cross for our sins. God has worked out all the details, most of which I do not understand, but I sure am thankful for my blessings!

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