Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summertime and the Living is Easy......kind of!

The first day of summer 2008 is almost here....the longest day of the year! What a year it's been so far, sure hope the remainder of this year is eventful in a really fun and exciting way.

If you know my family, you know that we are accident prone! It's almost become comical....through the pain, the injured family member has to laugh. Hub and I both had broken arms and wrist earlier this year and the trend continues. Hannah got hit on the bridge of her nose with her surfboard in early May and a few weeks later, CB slipped using a power drill and drilled a hole in his thumb. Every weekend we just wait around in anticipation of who is going to get injured and how....I know the in-laws are wondering if this is going to rub off on them...beware, it could.

During the past month my husband and son spent three weekends in a row building a swing/play set for our three year old grandaughter. It was really hard work and it was really hot....I had flashbacks watching the two of them laboring so hard for a great cause in the 98 degree heat...I think my husband, my sons and my daughter had the same flashbacks....we absolutely refer to those as the good ole' days. The days when the kids really wanted to be doing something else, probably sleeping, but their dad had them up and at it, helping with some project for the whole weekend. My husband is a really hard worker and likes to finish the job. He hasn't really had any home projects over the past five years...we sold our family home about five years ago and the home we bought was never really "Home" to him, so he showed no interest in caring for it and he had no pride in it. So working in his son's backyard, sweating and miserable with a bloody, swollen thumb was like old home week and he worked his rear off. He even put the neighbor's kid to work just like he did when our kids were little....if you came to visit our kids, be ready to work. It truly was like a step back in playing all around, mommys busy, grannys helping, lunch delivered to the sweaty men in the yard while they worked, lots of gatorade, tired daddy and grandaddy, happy squealing kids when they took that first slide down the new slide.......yep, Summer Time and the Living is easy...just not injury proof!

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