Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How Can that be?

How can it be that I grew-up in a home with a mother, step-father, grandmother, & brother but without JESUS?
How can it be that we never went to church on CHRISTMAS EVE?
How could I not have my kids in church during their younger years learning about JESUS?
What were we celebrating on Christmas day....santa galore, a beautiful tree, good food, family, friends....well, all of that is really sweet....but why weren't we celebrating JESUS?
The good news is that GOD has given me another chance to get it right....HIS mercy and GRACE gave us all the greatest gift and the biggest reason ever for celebration.....JESUS!!! Celebrate HIS birth, HIS death, HIS resurrection........share HIM....CHRISTMAS is the time to be bold and tell those that are leaving HIM out of CHRISTMAS what they are missing and will miss.

Dear LORD,
I pray for boldness to share JESUS with those that don't know HIM.
I pray that those reading this blog will also be bold in sharing.
Thank you for loving me....for giving us JESUS who is the ultimate gift and paid the ultimate price.
I Love YOU...
In JESUS name I pray.

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