Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's a GOD thing!

March 20, 1976 was a very good day....on that day 33 years ago, I married the most handsome man on earth. Little did we know that that was just the first layer of love and thirty-three years later our love continues to build.

The GOD part....well, we met on the side of the really....Interstate 75, just south of the Georgia line! He was hungry....I was giving away free cokes and peanuts at the Georgia Welcome Center and here we are today. Who else but GOD could have put all of that together???

We struggled like all young couples....we moved away from all friends and family with a 7 year old, a one year old and a newborn. Those were the foundation building years. Moving away was the best thing that ever happened to us, being away from all outside influence made us learn to depend on each other.

We're at a very mature stage of love....we know each other's thoughts, our little looks that convey what we are thinking, a simple touch that says more than words ever is a special time for us.

So here's to us....Oh My Man I Love Him So!


Jennifer Hamilton said...

Happy Anniversary! Your love was definitly meant to be and was a "God thing"! Your family is very lucky to have you two as an example of a successful relationship!

Mandi said...

Happy Anniversary Patti! I just asked Christy today how you and CB met. How wonderful that 33 years later you are still so good together. I've enjoyed your girls this week, and will get you lots more pics soon!