Monday, April 27, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

Saturday we took a little road trip to Ringgold, Georgia to watch my Grandson, Carter, play baseball. I know he's ours, but he is so good....I would expect nothing less....his daddy was also a great little ball player. Carter is only seven years old and is playing on the Elite 8-9 year old team, shortstop no less. He's just got can tell by the way he moves that he is a natural. Very competitive, built just right for a baseball player and he's got the whole tongue thing going...I've heard that's hereditary....his daddy did that too...wish I knew more about my Dad, I would like to know where that comes from, I heard he was a great athlete. After the first game we went to Chris & Bev's and the kids got in some good early swimming. We had Addi with us and she had a big time....she jumped off the diving board for the first time....of course Granddaddy caught her before her head got wet....good thing he was in the water, I don't believe in that catching stuff....if you wanna jump in, you need to learn to come up, level off and swim to the side....can you tell I'm getting back into swim teacher mode!!! Maybe we'll have her swimming, real swimming, before this summer is over...until then I look forward to many more days of fun in the sun with family.


Christy said...

I hope she will learn to real swim this summer...I never did! My friends are sending their kids to Mr. Ed for swim lessons, but I am so glad to have a professional in the family!!

Mandi said...

I am so glad you all had a fun day together. I bet Addi will be swimming this summer. She is just that kind of brave little girl.