Sunday, May 3, 2009

Eden Belle

Today was a great day .....first we had the priviledge of worshiping our LORD & SAVIOR...then this afternoon I was invited over to my dear friend Ruth's home to visit with her Daughter-in-love and her Granddaughter, Eden Belle. Eden and my second Granddaughter Juliana are only ten days apart in age....I was fortunate enough to share in the excitement of the pregnancy and birth of Eden. Eden is Ruth & Greg's first Grandchild...for 18 months I shared in every milestone through pictures and phone calls and I 'll tell you, I've loved this little girl since I heard that she was on her way....I've seen her only twice before....once when she was very small and then a brief ten second hug last needless to say I was excited about my time with her today....I wasn't the only one there, several other friends were there to visit. First off, Kay is a living doll and a great Daughter-in-law...she lights up a room the minute she walks in....Ruth knows how very blessed she is to have two incredible young women married to her sons. WEll, little Miss Eden was everything and more than I could have imagined....she has that infectious smile and the sweetest personality, she was fun to play with and was very polite...she's a girl after my heart, most of her vocabulary is food!!! I could have stayed allday....well, I almost did. Sharing in my friends joy of that little girl was awesome....the deep love Ruth has for that baby was apparent and the love that baby has for her MiMi melted my heart. How blessed we are to have the love of these little ones in our lives and how blessed am I to have a friend that shares her joy!! I love you Ruth!

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Jennifer Hamilton said...

You are such a great friend. And Eden Belle...what a terrific name!!