Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Fun with the Grandkids!

Last week was a week of summer fun with three of my four Grandkids....I felt guilty leaving number 4 behind, but she's little and it would have been hard to do what needed to be done and keep up with her and a good sleeping schedule for her. Addi and I went to spend the week with Chris, Beverly, Henley and Carter. We had lots of good conversation on the way to their house....Addi wanted to make sure I knew that she slept really, really, really close to her daddy every night...funny thing is, she slept all alone in her own bed everynight while we were on our little vacation. Henley and Carter are nothing but fun....they are so sweet, cute, smart and talented....they swim like fish and it rubbed off on Addi...she did way better than I expected and I didn't even have to get tough with her about it....we just had a great week. Carter and Addi played well together and Chris & Bev are great hosts. I think it is so important that these cousins are a part of each others lives....I hope they remain friends forever. I cherish every minute I get to spend with these kids....they are truly a gift and being here to spend this time with them is a gift...when I'm around my kids I sometimes have to step back and just thank GOD for such smart, sweet and loving kids. We are all looking forward to July 4th because Aunt Hannah and Uncle Jeff are flying in from California to spend the weekend at Chris and Bev's and we will swim and play allday! Another opportunity for those great family memories!

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EDGE said...

We had a blast, can't wait for the 4th weekend.