Sunday, August 16, 2009

Busy Days....

After finally making it home from California...crazy two days in airports, I had a week to prepare for another week away to take care of my two grandsons. It was a crazy week filled with babysitting for the two young granddaughters and catching up on laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning house. Then it was off to Georgia....I had a great week swimming and playing every sport you can imagine and my prideful self sort of enjoyed the fact that the 4 year old granddaughter, that I took along with me, and my 7 year old grandson, both red-heads, were pulling me in crazy directions to get my was a power struggle for sure...but it was fun. I didn't get much sleep before I left and didn't get too much there either...however, it is kind of fun sleeping (or trying to) on a bunkbed again, just not 5 nights in a row! One day the two I just spoke of wanted to go to the store and wanted me to buy them everything they could think of....I tried to explain in kid terms that I was broke...the 7 year old told me I needed to get a job and then I could buy them stuff like the other Grandmother...oh well, out of the mouths of babes...It was a fun week and I hope to be able to do this every summer....but, I was very glad to get home to see my man and my bed!

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Becky in East Tennessee said...

Isnt it funny how kids just think that ADULTS have money no matter what?? Like we have a magic dragon out back that poops it every time we ask. I know its a little heart breaking to hear them compare you to other grandmas that buy them stuff, but I can guarentee the undivided attention that you give them will stay with them longer than any toy. Glad that you are home safe and sound!