Friday, May 7, 2010

Pattern Picking

About two weeks ago I decided to take Addi, age 4.8, to Hobby Lobby to pick out some patterns...they were on sale that week for ninety-nine cents each...I sat her in my lap and started flipping through the pattern books. Guess I didn't put too much thought into it...everytime I'd ask her which one she liked, she'd say "the green one" or "the red one" took me a minute to realize she didn't understand anything about the style, she just liked the pictures and the fabric....that only lasted a few minutes because as she was looking her little sister was running around in the fabric department and that looked like much more fun. We decided on a few and with great surprise we found the same fabric as the picture of a dress on one of the patterns. So here they are....I decided to use the same fabric for both girls, but I switched it up a little. When I delivered the dresses this afternoon, the girls were hot sweaty and dirty...but who cares, they look so cute. In 1968 these were called peasant there was a little flashback going on the whole time I was project...a dress for myself...this should be interesting!!!!

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Becky in East Tennessee said...

OMIGOSH! That has to be about the sweetest thing EVAH!!!!!