Monday, October 25, 2010

Sixth Annivery....Day one of Bonus Year #7

Well Randy….today just seems to be the right day to tell you how my family has learned to live Yes in a No world…it is a difficult story to tell in a condensed version because so many wonderful “GOD” things happened over the 52 days…

Six years ago today I ended up in the hospital in a coma for 14 days….it started as a simple stomach ache on Sunday night. By Tuesday night it had gotten worse….I woke my husband and told him that I thought we should head to the hospital…so I took a shower, fixed my hair, grabbed a huge Tupperware bowl, just in case….we got to the hospital and the last thing I remember is telling my husband to tell them to hurry..

I was in a coma….my blood platelets were down to 8,000 (250,000 being normal) – all my organs were shutting down, that’s what was causing the pain…not the chocolate ice cream that I gobbled down on Sunday. God had placed a hospitalists at this particular hospital that correctly diagnosed this wicked disease and called in the hematology team….they then transported me to another hospital.

For 13 days my platelets stayed that low….many transfusions, plasma pharesis and everything they could think of.

Meanwhile, I had recently struggled with not being able to sleep, my feet were in crazy bad shape and hurt all the time. So I have to say that whining about all of this to GOD got an answer…so be careful what you pray for!

My daughter flies in from California not knowing what to expect because the outlook was not good. My Sunday School class rallied like you wouldn’t believe…my husband told me the ICU waiting area looked like a tailgate party everyday there was so much food…he still talks about how great all the food was. He had friends that were standing next to him every morning when he woke, with breakfast and always a prayer….I totally missed the party….GOD’s sense of humor was at it again because HE knows how I love a party!

On day 13, the kidney doctor told my husband and son that I wouldn’t make it til morning…

I have to jump back about 6 months because this is one of the GOD moments in this story that I must tell…it is definitely a “YES” moment….we go to a very large church and in SS one Sunday my husband asked if anyone remembered what the bleeding verse was…we had both heard it at a small church once but couldn’t remember where it was….fast forward back to night 13…late that night, after being told I was probably not going to make it until morning….my husband, children and a handful of friends were in the waiting room…a lady, a stranger, walked over to my husband and said. “GOD told me to tell you Ezekiel 16:6”….my husband knew immediately it was the bleeding verse….sent straight from GOD through a stranger( maybe an angel)! GOD is so good…so they all went into ICU, circled the bed, held hands and my wonderful praying husband prayed the house down with this verse! They turned around to walk out and the kidney Doc said she wouldn’t argue with our faith but I probably wouldn’t make it until morning….WRONG! our GOD is an awesome GOD…HE is the GREAT PHYSICIAN….The next morning for the first time in 14 days my platelets jumped from 8,000 to 24,000….I was on the mend…

It was a very long 52 days…many more GOD moments occurred and still are….GOD shut me up and got me out of the way and used this as a big fat “YES HE CAN” lesson for all of us. Only through JESUS CHRIST can we conquer the “No’s” of this world…..GOD wrapped HIS most loving arms around me and my family ….it is an unexplainable feeling…

So today is day one of bonus year 7! Praise to GOD!

Patti Brown

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