Saturday, November 6, 2010

The "I Know What You are Thinking Quilt"!

Today is Juliana's third birthday....I made her a quilt. 
Sometime over the past year, the girls have learned, and teased me about being afraid of frogs....they get the biggest kick out of it.  We would be playing or just hanging out and I could see little Juliana's brain working...I could tell she was trying to think of  what she was suppossed to say to make me be scared!  I'd look at her and say, "I Know What You are Thinking"! and she'd say "What"...I'd say "Ribbet" and she would just laugh and laugh.  One day as we were just hanging out...before I said anything....she said, " know what I'm thinkin'???"  it was so is the I know what you are thinking quilt!!!


Vicki Johnson said...

Patty, Thank you for being the Honey you are to the girls. It makes my day to see your posts on them.

ML said...

you are so awesome!! and make the best things!! you are the bestest honey ever!! your blogs below..i stay up way to late reading them...