Monday, March 14, 2011


I did trip was great!  I had so much fun even though none of us felt too great the whole time...well, except for Kathryn and she smiled almost all nine days!  She smiled so much her dimples got deeper and deeper...that is one happy young woman and it was so much fun being a part of that.  As you can see from the picture I scored pretty good at the Spanish Town Mardi Gras was pouring rain and thundering and lightening pretty much the whole time...I get determined and my competitive side kicks in when those floats start rolling...I have been known to knock folks down and go up to a float and beg for certain beads!  I love that part of it but my favorite part was just being there with Candy...I had quiet moments with her dad...moments of memories for him and wonderful life stories of  family, sports and cars!  I had moments with Candy's children and grandchildren...she shared...I loved's all part of who she is and I wanted to experience it all. I got to experience a very moving Lentin Service with Candy at her first  time at an Episcopal church...different for this little southern Baptist girl...but very moving...I've thought about the service several times since that night.  Of course I had great could you not when in Louisiana...they for sure know how to eat way better than we do up here in these mountains!  I'm counting the days till I can go back...when I'm there I almost feel like I'm home....I love you Candy!

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