Friday, January 6, 2012

What makes Honey Happy

*knowing that GOD loves me
*having a Godly husband
*my kids
*My GRANDKIDS - and yes, they are GRAND
*Golf (wish I hadn't waited until I was 60 to start playing, I think I would have been awesome!)
*Girlfriends - couldn't imagine my life without them
*Freedom from worry and stress - well, I am sure when this happens it will make me happy!
*the ocean - doesn't matter where, as long as I am with my friends and family
*my church - it is for sure one of my Happy Places
*Sunshine - gotta have those windows and blinds, fresh air and sunshine
*Watching Hannah and Jeff surf - well, pretty much just watching Hannah and Jeff do anything
*My recliner - I often joke that I am going to have "Lazy Boy" tattooed across my backside
*My morning coffee
*My IPad
*Words with Friends
*Creating - don't feel the need often, but when I do, look out Hobby Lobby!
*newborn baby - can never get over what a miracle they are and I want to hold every baby I see
*Dr. Schrock - love him
*Precept Bible Study - has changed my life, makes me real happy to be in GOD's word discovering truth
*boiled peanuts
* those bloggers that fascinate me, Edie Wadsworth @lifeingrace, Kelly Stamps
@kellyskorner, Susie Jane @asouthernmothersdaughter, Heather Baird @ Sprinklebakes, Jane Anne Owen @gravityofmotion & owenhome,  and many more
*turquoise and coral - such a pretty color combination, really drawn to it lately

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Jane Anne said...

Love this list!! ... well, everything except those boiled peanuts. :)
Thanks for sharing it and reminding me to take time to be thankful.