Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Two weeks ago I had the greatest week....I drove to Atlanta and picked up my friend Candy who flew in from Louisiana. Candy and I have ben friends since 1985, we have been through happy and sad times together but we have always gotten along and had fun together. My childhood friend, Lydia, still lives in Savannah, so off we went to the most romantic city on earth! Candy had never been to Savannah so it was an exciting time for her and it was exciting for me to reconnect with a city I dream of often. My parents got jobs in North Georgia and moved me there when I was 13....I've never really gotten over it and yes, I'm still bitter!

It was great introducing my friend of 50 years with my BFF . Lydia took a day off work and we had a great much history there...and, so much personal history. I spent as much time as possible there every summer of my teen years....Lydia and I were able to remember things that made us both laugh...each remembering stuff the other didn' was a week totally directed by GOD...many private life happenings was a week that was definitely meant to be.

I am grateful to have these two women in my life...I love you both!

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