Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pain! It hurts and makes you CRAZY :o('s been a couple of weeks since I've really felt like sitting here and using my brain for anything but pain control. So now the doctors are telling me that I have CRPS I ...o.k., so now what....the pain in my arm has been hanging around continuously for almost three I see some improvement...the pain is still there, but much better movement today, why I even used both hands to hold my plate and wash my hair....that is a big step,...until last Saturday I hadn't touched my face with my left hand since two days before Christmas. I was supposed to go to therapy this morning, but it was snowing and around here a little snow flurry causes I'll go to therapy tomorrow.

Through all of this I have found it most comforting to really get into my bible takes me away and occpies my mind with a sense of excitement over what I am gleaning from it. I have to continue to be positive and move forward and focus on what's important and that is being the best I can be because God has chosen me as HIS!

I have missed out on two months with the most precious little Grand-daughters in the world and I can't wait to have some pain free days to enjoy with their little arms wrapped around my neck.

So, what am I thankful for today.....a diagnosis of what is causing the pain, without that we couldn't move forward in a treatment for it, new medicines to treat the nerve pain, steroids to attack the inflamation, a good friend who listened, encouraged and cooked for us, and my bible study that kept me busy.

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