Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Life as I Knew It...Almost!

Wow....the playground, ice cream at the Dairy Queen, spit-up, diapers, swinging, sliding, climbing, happy sounds all around....what could be bad about all of that...absolutely nothing! The only thing that makes me unhappy is little Juliana's tummy ache....she is having a really hard time and it breaks my heart when she is screaming in pain....hopefully they can get a handle on all that and that precious little angel will not have anymore trouble. I've thrown myself back into the swing of things and am rebuilding relationships that went astray during my wierdness over the past couple of months. Life is too short for all of that and with God's help I can maintain a life of helping others and enjoying the fruits of my labor.

Recently I was asked to pray for the sister of a friend of mine.....I have only met the young woman the same week I was asked to pray for a young man in Oklahoma that is suffering with cancer....I have never met this young man.....I tell you this to say that it is awesome to be asked to pray for is a responsibility I do not take lightly....the most awesome part is that I serve a living God that I can go to in prayer and intercede for others as Jesus intercedes for see, I am totally convinced that God kept me around because of all the wonderful people that interceded for me in prayer....sleep at my age is interesting...sleeping late is gone....I'm happy to make it to 7a.m....sleeping without waking several times doesn't happen....I've decided to turn those awake times into prayer time for those that come to is incredible to be laying in bed, in the quiet dark and go to God in prayer...if I dose off in the middle of the prayer I know that God knows who is on my heart...God is good all the time!

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