Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Movin' and Groovin"

It's gray and gloomy outside but my heart and believe it or not, my body, is sunshiney happy inside....I found www.949thesurf.com on the internet today...it's East Coast (they call it CArolina but I was raised in Savannah ,Georgia and we love it too) beach music!! What a blast to the past. When I was ten years old, my dear friend Lydia taught me how to "Shag"...we would dance for hours....I've always loved to dance...I'm listening to this music as I blog and I'm smilin'....it's so smooth and cool and I can just feel that sand in my toes....those warm balmy South Georgia nights....dreaming of our futures...or at least the next time we would sneek out of the house and do something really mischievious! I know it's hard to believe that I ever misbehaved, but boy oh boy did we have fun and make some lifelong memories. I moved to North Georgia when I was 10 years old...I spent half of every summer of my teenage years in Savannah. I cried many hours I missed that place and my friends and life so much...guess you have to live it to know what this music means to me... I wasn't even sure I remembered how to Shag...I have a non-dancing husband....isn't that how it works, I love dancing, he doesn't...I found a website, www.thedancestoreonline.com that has a free instructional video and I didn't miss a step...oh well, opposites attract...That was such an innocent time...we weren't worried about anything....just loving life....this music is in my heart, I love the mellowness of it, the sexiness of it and the memories of it! Have a little listen if you aren't familiar with it....and all you young girls, Teach your husbands how to Shag and have fun! "I'm a beach lovin' girl", are the words of the song playing right now.....sing it girl!!!!

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Mandi said...

LAdy I had NO IDEA you were raised in Savannah! I knew you all were always going there a lot but I didn't know you were from there. Funny. Everyone here shags, but not Lon. He is not a dancer. I LOVE to dance, but without a partner it is a little hard. The boys and I shake our groove thangs all over the house during the day.

By the way, your letter is R. Let me know when you make your list. I'm anxious to see it.