Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Letter is....

Mandi at Mandi Shandi's is playing a little game on her blog where you are provided a letter and you have to tell some facts about yourself that start with that letter. I was given the letter we go...

1. Immediately seeing the letter made me think of my daughter...her middle name is REID.

2. I love the color RED....especially when it 's red hair! I have two red-headed Grandkids.

3. I love to READ and study , mostly my Bible.

4. I am ROUND! need to lose some weight.

5. I am not Rich when it comes to money....but my life is RICH.

6. I was a good REBOUNDER in high school and lived for basketball.

7. My oldest son is a basketball coach at RIDGELAND High School.

8. I love to RIDE boogey boards in the Pacific Ocean.

9. I am a very conservative REPUBLICAN.

10. My heart RACES when my husband touches my hand!

If you want to play, let me know and we'll get you a letter too!


The Hamilton's said...

Way to go!! Love it, and mine and Jack's middle name is Reed too...of course you probably knew that, but I just had to add it! :)

Honey said...

I knew I was leaving out one!

Mandi said...

You did a great job! And by the way you are not "round"! You are a beautiful lady! I see you changed your background and it looks so great! Do you need me to help you upload pics? I can try to explain it if you want me to. Jenn can probably tell you I don't explain too well, but I'd be glad to try. Just sitting here enjoying my coffee. Hope you are too!

The Hamilton's said...

Love the background!!