Monday, July 26, 2010

Tonsil Quilt

Today is tonsil removal day for Addi Grace.  They said she will have to just lay around for about a week or two to make sure there is no, being the worrier that I am, (yes, I know what the bible says about worrying) I started thinking of ways to make her more comfortable in the coming days....MAKE HER A three weeks ago I drug out all my scrap material and starting cutting squares.  I knew I needed to make much bigger squares than I made for Hannah's quilt because of the limited time I cut the squares and stitched them together using my sewing machine....I then stretched the quilt top, batting and bottom on my frame and quilted around each square.  As I was quilting I wondered how it would look to quilt the design on the pink fabric with black I did one and thought it looked great...then I wondered about the purple & green flowers....those also looked cute quilted..  Well as usual, I got carried away and ended up hand quilting a design or pattern inside of every single square.  I worked two or three hours every night for at least 9 days and then last Friday I stitched for 12 hours...yes twelve hours!!!  My goal was to finish up on Saturday.  I was adding some decorate machine stitches on the border and ran out of pink thread on the last row at 6:30 Saturday night.  Oh gosh, what to I drove to WalMart at 6:40 back in the car and drove to Hobby Lobby which is 22 miles from the pink thread and finished up yesterday afternoon.  Delivered the Tonsil Quilt to Addi last night....sure hope it brings her great comfort and that my love for her will be felt every time she snuggles with her quilt.


Jane Anne said...

It's beautiful! You are one wonderful grandma. I said a prayer for her today for a good recovery.

Anonymous said...

thank you Jane Anne....I love those kids so much....Addi is doing fine, slept most of yesterday and probably today...thanks for the prayers...p

Anonymous said...

wow, Honey, i love her quilt!!! you are so thoughtful and such a hard worker...and Dad was right, you signing is was a BRILLIANT should sign all of your quilts from now on...A++ to you Honey!

love, hannahB.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate more than you will ever know the extra special things you do for our girls! That quilt is a treasure and she snuggled under it with much affection. It is neat because she knows how special it is! She will have it forever! Thank you.